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Electronic Pill Counter Machine SED-8SX-S

SED-8SX-S electronic pill counter machine works fully automaticcally, integrates advanced mechanical and pneumatic technology. Equipped with 2 units of 4 channels and 2 discharging ports, it ensures accurate counting, stable vibrating and low noise.

Product Description

Introduction of Pill Counter for Pharmacy

SED-8SX-S pharmacy pill counter machine is a PLC controlled intelligent counting equipment, applied for multiple industries to finish the packaging process. It adopts 3-stage vibration device features with stable vibration, low noise and smooth medicine conveying, which is suitable for counting various types of granular products.

Features of Pill Counter for Pharmacy

  • Controlled by high-end PLC, special IO module, HMI and pneumatic system
  • Self-designed combined photoelectric counting, high sensitivity and high response speed
  • Equipped with dust collection device for the heavy dust phenomenon
  • Combined small gate stopping device to ensure the accuracy of medicine stopping
  • Adopts the photoelectric sensor to detect bottle jam or bottle lacking
  • Automatic dust and material collecting


Applications of Pill Counter for Pharmacy

The pill counting machine can be applied to pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic and other related industries. The basic products application could be capsules, tablets, candies, gummy, etc.

features of pharmacy counting machine

capsule counting machines comparison

Technical Data
Model SED-8SX-S
Capacity (bottles/min)20-120
Counting Accuracy99.99%
Filling Quantity per Bottle1-9999
Bottle Mouth Size (mm)Φ20-100
Bottle Specification (ml)15-300
Bottle Height (mm)Max. 220
Voltage220V AC50/60Hz
Power (W)800
Air Pressure (MPa)0.5
Air Supply (m³/hr)0.8
Hopper Volume (L)30
Overall Dimension

(L*W*H mm)

Net Weight (kg)470

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