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Gelatin Melting Tank for Pharmaceutical

Gelatin melting tank is used as mixing tank, blending tank, etc. Commonly used for foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmacy, chemical industry, biological engineering, etc.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Gelatin Melting Tank

The gelatin melting tank is made of three-layers of sanitary stainless steel.

Convenient structure design and easy to operate. Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead corners when sanitizing.

Features of Gelatin Melting Tank

  • Fast digesting speed
  • Strong constant temperature performance
  • Stable vacuum performance
  • Convenient disassembly and maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Improved gelatin liquid medium
  • Stable homogenization of gelatin

Configuration of Gelatin Melting Tank

  • Quick open manhole
  • Various types of CIP cleaners
  • Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover
  • Adjustable triangular bracket
  • Dismountable materials, input pipe assembly
  • Thermometer (According to customer requirements)
  • Ladder (According to customer requirements)
  • Paddle blender
  • Liquid level meter and lever controller (According to customer requirements)
  • Eddy-proof board

Customized and Non-standard products are also welcomed.

Applications of Gelatin Melting Tank

Gelatin melting tank is widely used for uniform stirring and melting of gelatin, water, glycerin and additives to form a stable gelatin solution.


Volume (L)50100150
Stirring Power Speed0.55kW 29RPM0.75kW 29RPM1.1KW 36RPM
Electric Heating PowerAC380V 50Hz 3kWAC380V 50Hz 4kW/
Working Pressure-0.09~0.08MPa-0.09~0.08MPa-0.09~0MPa
Working Temperature (℃)0-1000-1000-100
Lifting Stroke (mm)400400/
SurfaceThe inner surface is mirror polished, the outer surface is polished, and the barrel is brushed
Weight (kg)125150/
Dimensions (mm)1200*600*13001300*700*1500/
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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