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Bottle Automatic Desiccant Inserter Machine

Tablets, capsules and food easily collect moisture, so it is necessary to put a desiccant into the container to keep the product away from moisture in order to improve the reliability of an expiration period.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of SED-GS Automatic Desiccant Inserter Machine

Tablets and capsules are easy to get moisture, in order to improve the reliability of the medicine guarantee period, it is necessary to put the desiccant into the container to keep medicine away from moisture. This desiccant inserter can automatically cut the desiccant roll and insert the desiccant bag into the container accurately and speedily. It features double-lane photoelectric positioning, intelligent feeding length controlling and automatic adjustment of accumulated length error.

The electronic controlling system ensures the machine starts when bottles reach the working position and stops when bottles are insufficient automatically. The product conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.

Features of SED-GS Desiccant Inserting Machine

  • Strong compatibility, suitable for various round bottles, flat bottles and square bottles of different sizes.
  • Suitable for the desiccant bag with eye mark or without eye mark.
  • Pre-placed desiccant belt design is adopted to avoid uneven bag transmission and ensure the accuracy of bag length.
  • Adaptive design for desiccant bag thickness to avoid the occurrence of broken bag in the process of transmission.
  • High durable knife edge with accurate and reliable cutting, will not damage the desiccant bag
  • With a number of detection and alarm control functions, such as no working without bottle, fault self-checking, to ensure the continuity and accuracy of the equipment operation.
  • With good coordination and no need special operation, to achieve the labor cost saving purpose.


Application of SED-GS Automatic Desiccant Inserter Machine

The automatic desiccant inserter machine is available for glass bottles, plastic bottles, and pots.

This desiccant inserter machine can insert desiccant pouches as well as a deoxidizer, moisture-proof agent, preservatives and so on into the containers. An automatic desiccant inserter machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and many other industries.

features of desiccant inserter

Desiccant Inserter Machine comparison


ApplicationAll kinds of round bottles, square bottles, special-shaped bottles
Suitable bottle sizeBottle diameter 20-100mm

Bottle height 40-180mm

Suitable desiccant bag

(Desiccant roll)

0.5g: 17*32mm

1g: 30*43mm



Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz  0.5kW
Air Consumption0.6MPa

(L*W*H mm)

Weight (kg)310
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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