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SED-GSP High Speed Desiccant Pouch Inserter

SED-GSP desiccant pouch inserter works high speed, with highly durable sharp blade, accurately cuts the desiccant tape and automatically puts it into the bottle.

Product Description

Introduction of High Speed Desiccant Inserter

SED-GSP desiccant pouch inserter is specially designed for inserting desiccant bag into a variety of bottles and containers. It automatically cuts packets from a roll and insert them into containers at speeds of up to 80 bottles per minute.

Features of High Speed Desiccant Inserter

  • HMI and PLC control system
  • GMP-compliant design
  • Adopt color mark sensor, automatically control the feeding distance
  • Accurate controlling of pouch length
  • Precise cutting and avoid breakage of the desiccants


Application of High Speed Desiccant Inserter

The high speed desiccant pouch inserting machine can be applied for various industries to insert desiccant packets or capsules into product packaging. Desiccants are moisture-absorbing materials that help protect products from moisture damage and maintain their quality. The common industrial applications are medicine bottles, blister packs, snack bags, dried fruit packaging, sensitive electronic components and devices, cosmetics, skincare products, etc.

Technical Data
ApplicationRound, square, oval and other special-shaped bottle

(bottle diameter ≤100mm; bottle height ≤180mm)

Desiccant TypeRoll Type

(The size of pouch is determined by the bottle size.)

Capacity (bottles/min)10-70
VoltageAC220V  50Hz  1P
Power (kW)0.5
Air Source (MPa)0.6
Net Weight (kg)301
Gross Weight (kg)431
Overall Dimension (L*W*H mm)1700*900*2100

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