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Automatic Lifting Blender Powder Mixer Machine Industrial SED-TH Series

This industrial powder mixer machine is the most widely used mixing equipment for solid powders in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, scientific research, etc. with high uniformity and a large loading capacity.

Product Description

Introduction of Powder Mixer Machine

The lifting type blender is composed of column, base, rotary fork frame, drive, brake, control system and other components. The material in the mixing hopper turns outward with the rotary body, and moves tangentially along the bucket wall at the same time, resulting in strong overturning and high-speed tangential movement, so as to achieve the best mixing effect.

Features of Powder Mixer Machine

  • Adopts replaceable bin
  • Automatically performs raising, clamping mixing, and lowering in a fully closed state
  • Complies with GMP requirements
  • PLC controlled and is operated by touch screen with adjustable working parameter
  • Automatic positioning printing and fault alarming
  • Original position sensors, prevents improper operation of the device
  • Meet the requirements of small-batch production in multiple varieties


Applications of Powder Mixer Machine

The powder blending machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic industries, scientific research, etc.

This type of grinder mixer machine is suitable for mixing powders or granular materials with good flowing properties.

application of Lifting Blender

Technical Data
Hopper Volume (L)30080012001500
Maximum Net Load (kg)150400600750
Loading Factor50%-80%
Mixing Uniformity≥99%
Operating Speed (r/min)3-153-153-83-8
working Hours (min)1-591-591-592-59
Total Power (kW)36.276.2

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