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Fully Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine J-B

SED-J-B series capsule filling machine is equipped with a feature-rich human-machine interface, including counting and display functions in the production process, and can be linked with a printer when needed to print production date, batch number, quantity and other information.

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SED-200J-B, SED-400J-B, SED-800J-B, SED-1200J-B, SED-2500J-B, SED-3800J-B, SED-5500J-B, SED-7800J-B

Voltage Options

220V 50Hz, 380V 50Hz

Product Description

Introduction of Pill Capsule Filler Machine

SED-J-B series powder capsule filling machine basically consists of a material hopper, a capsule feeding device, a rotary table, filling devices, capsule closing parts, a powder recycler. The main components such as cams are all imported materials, the machine runs stably and accurately, and the filling accuracy is guaranteed.

Features of Pill Capsule Filler Machine

  • Energy savings, easy to operate and clean
  • Opening and locking of a capsule can be controlled automatically
  • Automatic alarm and shutdown when lacks empty capsules or powder
  • Higher precision of cam splitter provides the machine longer service life

details of Fully Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine J-B

Applications of Pill Capsule Filler Machine

The SED-J-B Series capsule filling machine is widely used in pharmaceutical research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and factories, laboratories, etc., which is suitable for the mass production of capsule products.

Technical Data
Capsule size00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#

Safety capsule A-E

Filling capacity (capsules/hr)12000240004800072000150000228000330000468000
Power supply380V 50Hz

220V 50Hz

Total power3kW3kW5kW5.5kW8kW10.5kW11kW14kW
Number of holes236918274358














Air compression (m³/hr)445567127
Operating noise<75DB(A)
Filling percentageEmpty capsule 99.9%

Filled capsule 99.8%

Filling accuracyWestern medicine ±3%

Chinese traditional medicine ±4%

Suitable forPowder, Granule, Pellet, Tablet
Weight (kg)60060090010001500220030003500
Dimension (L*W*H mm)1000*710*19001000*710*19001000*900*20501100*910*21001100*1200*20001500*1200*22001500*1250*22001450*1920*2400
Basic Set1. One set of mold (one capsule size)

2. One set of Dust Collector

3. Contact part with stainless steel 316L

4. One set of vacuum pump

5. Siemens PLC Control and touch screen

6. Organic glass safety cover

7. Cleaning station (clean the dust of the mold by air)

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