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Automatic Liquid Capsule Filling Machine SED-YJ-C

SED-YJ-C automatic capsule liquid filling machine is one type of economic capsule making machine, best for filling material like solution, suspension, microemulsion into hard capsules. The whole machine is designed with high-quality 304 and 316L stainless steel, which comply with GMP standards.

Product Description

Introduction of Capsule Liquid Filling Machine

The capsule liquid filling machine can be applied to filling solution, suspension, microemulsion into hard capsules before immediate plastic sealing. Thus, the product packaging, storage, and transportation processes are always in a sealed state.

Effectively prevent volatile substances contained inside, increasing the shelf life of drugs, thereby enhancing the stability of capsules and the safety of the medication. At the same time, pharmaceutical liquid filling machines also ensure the safety of pharmaceutical enterprises and healthcare products enterprises in terms of durability, sealing and anti-counterfeiting of high-end products.

Working Principle

  • Empty hard capsules are introduced from the hopper after feeding, followed by the vacuum positioning mechanism, automatic separation of the cap, automatic detection by optical fiber discrimination, and insertion of liquid drugs.
  • The finished product is discharged through the special guide chute and orderly delivered to the sealing machine, arranged in the same direction according to the rules of the delivery mechanism.
  • Capsule caps are added at the junction before a plastic body, automatically coated with anti-over plastic, and then lastly delivered by the transport mechanism to complete a round-trip transfer.
  • Note: the hard capsule cap seal effect is achieved after the product is rapidly dried.


Features of Capsule Liquid Filling Machine

  • Stable touch screen and PLC control
  • Made of high quality 304 & 316 stainless steel material
  • Adopts the stepless frequency converter for easy operation
  • Rejecting unqualified products automatically
  • Wide application for types of liquid materials

Automatic Liquid Capsule Filling Machine SED-YJ-C (Economy)

Applications of Capsule Liquid Filling Machine

SED-YJ-C automatic capsule manufacturing machine can be widely used in multiple industries to finish high quality and stability production, the common applications are:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: encapsulation of liquid medications, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, herbal and ayurvedic products
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry: liquid skincare products, liquid makeup and beauty formulations, haircare and bath & body products
  • Food and Beverage Industry: nutraceutical beverages, liquid dietary supplements
Technical Data
Weight (kg)600
Overall Dimensions (mm)1020×860×1970
Motor Power (kW)5.75
Power SupplyThree-phase four-wire AC 380V; 50Hz
Capacity (capsules/hr)15,600
Fillable Capsule00#~5#

Safety capsule A~E

Capsule Sowing Accuracy≥99.5%
Working Noise≤75dBA
Filling Volume DifferenceLiquid above 300mg≤±3%
Compressed Air0.06m³/min   0.3MPa
Water Source RequirementsThe water ring vacuum pump is used for recycling with the water tank

(It can also be connected to an external water source)

Vacuum-0.02~-0.06 MPa
Water Source250L/h
Inlet Pipe Inner Diameter20mm
Drain Pipe Inner Diameter27mm
Working Temperature21℃±3℃
Relative Humidity of Working Environment40~55%
Exhaust Volume300m³/hr

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