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Horizontal Effervescent Tube Packing Machine SED-80PTG

The fully automatic horizontal effervescent tablet packing machine integrates electromechanical. It can automatically realize tubes sorting and sending, tablets filling, caps sorting and capping processes.

Product Description

Introduction of Horizontal Effervescent Tube Packing Machine

The fully automatic horizontal effervescent tablet packing machine is designed for strip packaging of tablets, which can realizes electromechanical integration.

The effervescent tablets tube filling machine is controlled by a programmable system, optical fiber, photoelectric detection, etc. It is able to automatically alarm and shut down in case of no tablets, tubes or caps, operated with stable performance, reliable action, and automatic operation.

Features of Horizontal Effervescent Tube Packing Machine

  • Stable PLC & HMI control
  • Contact part adpots 316L stainless steel
  • In line with GMP standards
  • Adopts accurate photoelectric detection
  • Caps are properly aligned under the function of vibration system


Applicable Loading Specification Range

  • Tablet Diameter: Ф 12-30mm
  • Tablet Thickness: 3-8mm
  • Number of Tablets: 8-30
  • Tube Height: 84-144mm
  • Standard Model Type: the tablet diameter is 25mm, the thickness is 5mm, the loading capacity is 20 tablets, the bottle diameter is 29mm, and the height is 144mm.

features of Horizontal Effervescent Tube Packing Machine

Technical Data
Capacity (tubes/min)60-80
ApplicationDiameter of Tablet: Ø12-30mm

Thickness of Tablet: Ø6-6.3mm

Loading Quantity: 10-20 pcs/bottle

Height of Tube: 85-144mm

Voltage220V  50Hz  Single Phase
Power (kW)5
Compressed Air (MPa)0.5-0.6
Air Consumption (m³/min)0.28
Weight (kg)2000
Overall Dimension

(L*W*H mm)

RemarksThis machine can only be used for one tablet diameter and tube diameter. The thickness of tablet can be changed by changing the optional mold, and the height of the tube can be adjusted on machine.

This machine is equipped with a vacuum interface, and the diameter of the interface is Ø38mm. Customers need to prepare the vacuum cleaner by themselves.

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