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Rotary Pillow Packaging Machine

The rotary pillow packaging machine adopts a three-servo drive control system and computer PLC control. The error value between the actual cutting position and the color mark is measured, and the value is entered in the cutting position column of the touch screen to achieve the desired adjustment. Moreover, the whole machine has a compact structure. The handle is centralized for easy adjustment; all controls of this machine are realized by software, making function adjustment and technology upgrade very convenient, which is suitable for the development needs of modern manufacturers.

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Features & Benefits

  • Made of 304 stainless steel for food and medical hygiene standards compliance
  • Safety protection features meet enterprise safety management requirements
  • Independent temperature control system ensures accurate temperature and smooth sealing
  • Servo control drives for horizontal and vertical sealing, and feeding with PLC and touch screen control
  • High reliability, intelligence, speed, and efficiency with automatic control capabilities
  • Touch screen stores packaging parameters for various products, allowing quick product changeovers
  • Fault display system helps quickly identify and resolve issues, reducing manual intervention
  • Complete packaging process from material conveying to finished product output


ModelSED-180SZB-Z (3 servo)SED-250SZB-ZSED-350SZB-ZSED-600SZB-Z
Packing Speed (bags/min)60-33040-23030-12020-80
Bag Size (mm)L: 50-115

W: 30-80

L: 65-190/120-280

W: 30-110

L: 90-6000

W: 30-160

L: 150-6000

W: 80-280

Film Width (mm)180250350600
Power220V 2.8kW220V 2.4kW220V 2.4kW220V 3kW
Dimension (mm)3370*670*14503370*670*14503700*890*9854205*1106*1191
Weight (kg)410410350450
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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