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Automatic Sachet VFFS Packaging Machine for Paste Liquid

SED-YLB Series VFFS packaging machine is ideal for the packaging of liquid products, which is widely used in food, daily chemical, pet food packaging and other industries. The vertical packaging machine is configured in accordance with the conventional bagging process and conforms to GMP hygiene standards.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Automatic Sachet VFFS Packaging Machine

SED-YLB-L small sachet packing machine can automatically finish the processes of sachet packing for liquid paste, including weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing and easy tearing notch.

This liquid sachet filling machine can standardize the packaging according to the different characteristics of the items to be packaged, according to the required shape and size. The sealing temperature of the pouches is independently controlled, which can be well applied to various composite film materials.

Features of Automatic Sachet VFFS Packaging Machine

  • Adopts PLC programmable controller, easy to operate and adjust
  • Stops when film roll runs out
  • Detects faults automatically
  • Adopts closed silo to prevent contamination of materials
  • High weighing accuracy
  • Stable working, parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine
  • Various alarm systems to reduce waste
  • Automatic packaging film rectifying deviation function
  • Automatically complete the whole procedure of filling, bagging, sealing, cutting, and printing
  • Excellent sealing performance to protect filled product
  • Optional device: bag-linking device


Application of Automatic Sachet VFFS Packaging Machine

SED-YLB-L liquid sachet filling machine for sale is widely used in food, chemical, fertilizer, medical, agrochemical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries for packing all kinds of liquid and paste products.

Common products created by this sachet packing machine include vinegar packets, soy sauce packets, small oil packets, ginger garlic paste packets, jam sachet packets, ketchup packets, hair conditioner sachet packets, shampoo sachet packets, body lotion sachet packets and so on.

Applications of Sachet VFFS Packaging Machine


Packing Speed (bags/min)20-6010-126-10
Bag Size (mm)(W): 30-100

(L): 30-155

(W): 100-300

(L): 100-200

(W): 150-300

(L): 200-600

Power (kW)3/3
Voltage 380V/220V220V/50Hz380V/50Hz
Weight (kg)360600650
Dimensions (mm)/3000*1600*23001500*800*1550
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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