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Pure Steam Autoclave Steam Sterilizer SED-CM Series

SED-CM pure steam sterilizer adopts the energy pipeline and energy valve which are both 316L sanitary grade materials. Heat-resisting air-operated valve is reliable and its use life is long. The vacuum pump has the advantages of low noise and high vacuum degree.


Product Description

Introduction of Pure Steam Autoclave

The main body of SED-CM sterilization cabinet is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. It adopts two leafs mobile door, froming lock and pressure safety interlock, which is made of stainless steel 304. It takes Water ring type vacuum pump as well, working with low noise and high vacuum degree.

Features of Pure Steam Autoclave

  • Basic function: The system is especially suitable for sterilizing clothes in the hundred-grade sanitary range and for other items to be used in high-standard non-bacteria sites, filled containers or others. The equipment adopts saturated steam as the sterilizing medium. It is mainly used in materials in wet and hot sterilizing operations. The automatic autoclave steam sterilizer has functions of both pulsation vacuum removing cold air and vacuum drying.
  • Equipment body: Horizontal rectangle structure. High-quality acid-proof stainless steel 316L inner chamber, stainless steel wiring-drawing plate for decoration deck. All of the angles of the equipment adopt an arc shape, cleaning is simple with no dead angles. The sealing door can adopt an air-driven door or mechanical door. The equipment has GMP standard certification.
  • Control system: Automatic autoclave steam sterilizer can adopt computer-control or PLC + touch screen system. The system inspects temperature correctly and runs steadily. It has complete sterilizing records.

Applications of Steam Sterilizer

SED-CM steam sterilizer can be applied in various indutries, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries, to sterilize equipment, materials, and products. Some examples are medical equipment, pharmaceutical containers, packaging materials, food and beverage products, cosmetic products, etc.

applications of Steam Autoclave

Technical Data
Working Pressure (MPa)
Working Temperature (℃)134134134
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1270*1320*18001330*1400*19201530*1480*2000
Weight (kg)100012001500

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