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Pure Steam Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

SED-CM-J pure steam sterilizer adopts the energy pipeline and energy valve which are both 316L sanitary grade materials. Heat-resisting air-operated valve is reliable and its use life is long. The vacuum pump has the advantages of low noise and high vacuum degree.


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Features & Benefits

  • Double-casement motorized doors with safety interlocks for reliable performance
  • Adoption of medical silicone rubber sealing ring, compressed air automatic sealing technology
  • Fully compliant with safety interlock standards for pressure vessels
  • Utilizes the principle of pulsating vacuum to ensure uniform steam and sterilization temperatures
  • Post-sterilization vacuum dehumidification combined with overlay drying for rapid drying and cooling of articles
  • Internal and external double-layer structure is conducive to preheating and drying of the sterilization process and continuous operation.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel 316L and 304 materials, fully comply with GMP standards
  • Recise mechanical and chemical treatments for surface, bright and corrosion-resistant


ModelSED-0.25CM-JSED-0.36CM-JSED-0.6CM-JSED-1CM-J (electrical heating)
Steam Consumption (kg/cycle)20303545
Water Consumption (kg/cycle)150150200250
Design Perssure (MPa)0.2450.2450.2450.245
Design Temperture (℃)139139139139
Working Pressure (MPa)
Working Temperture (℃)134134134134
Chamber Size (mm)700*600*6001000*600*6001050*680*8501250*750*1100
Overall Dimensions (mm)970*1320*18001270*1320*18001330*1400*19201530*1480*2000
Weight (kg)900100012001500
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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