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Sugar Coating Machine


A sugar coating machine is mainly used for the sugar coating of tablets, pills and granules, suitable for the coating material that cannot be sprayed and need to be added manually.


SED-200BY-E, SED-300BY-E, SED-400BY-E, SED-600BY-E, SED-800BY-E, SED-1000BY-E, SED-1250BY-E

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Features & Benefits

A sugar coating machine is used for the sugar coating of tablets, pills and granules. The coated and polished sugar-coated tablets not only have a bright appearance, but also a complete consolidated coating formed by the crystallization of sugar on the surface, which can prevent the inner tablet from oxidative deterioration, moisture or volatilization.


  • Food grade contact parts with GMP standard
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Adjustable tilt angle of coating pan
  • Highly uniform coating



SED-BY-E Series sugar coating machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, research institutes and hospitals to sugar-coat, polish tablets and pills, and can also be used for trial production of new medicine in scientific research units. It is also used to coat confectionery in the food industry.


Sugar-coated pot diameter (mm)20030040060080010001250
Capacity (kg/batch)11-22-55-1530-5015-4580-150
Inclination angle (Adjustable)15°~ 45°
Speed of sugar-coated pot (r/min)46464640323228
Main motor power (kW)0.370.550.550.751.11.52.2
Blower motor power (W)/6060120200200370
Internal heating power (W)8009009001000150015002000
External heating power/500500500200020002000
Package Size (L*W*H mm)760*460*970760*460*970770*460*980960*660*1300840*1220*16501050*1220*16501550*1320*1780
Package Weight (kg)636364115280308480
Basic Set1. Body with stainless steel

2. Heating system

Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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