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High Speed Industrial Mixer Machine SED-GH Series

Revolutionize Your Pharmaceutical Production with SED Pharma’s Mixer and Blender Equipment

The pharmaceutical industry constantly seeks innovative technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of drug production. One critical aspect of this process is the accurate and uniform mixing of ingredients, which ensures the desired therapeutic effect and consistent quality of the final product. SED Pharma, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment, offers a wide range of mixer and blender machines that cater to the varying needs of the pharma industry. In this blog post, we will discuss the various mixer machine types commonly used in the industry, provide insights into selecting the right pharmaceutical blender, and highlight the exceptional models produced by SED Pharma.

Mixer Machine Types Commonly Used in the Pharma Industry:


V-blenders are versatile mixing machines that consist of two cylindrical sections joined together to form a V shape. They are ideal for mixing dry powders and granules, providing a gentle and homogeneous blend with minimal shear.

Ribbon Blenders

These mixers feature a helical ribbon-shaped agitator that moves materials both horizontally and vertically, ensuring a uniform mix. Ribbon blenders are suitable for blending dry powders, granules, and paste-like substances.

Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers utilize a combination of rotating and revolving movements to create a homogenous mix. They are commonly used for blending creams, ointments, and viscous pastes.

High Shear Mixers

These mixers use high-speed rotating blades to disperse and emulsify materials, making them ideal for the production of suspensions, emulsions, and granules.

Conical Screw Mixers

Featuring a conical chamber and a rotating screw, these mixers provide a gentle yet thorough mixing action. They are well-suited for blending heat-sensitive and fragile materials.

How to Pick the Right Pharmaceutical Blender for Your Production:

Selecting the right blender depends on various factors, such as the type of materials to be mixed, the desired blend uniformity, and the production scale. Here are some crucial aspects to consider when choosing a pharmaceutical blender:

  • Material Characteristics: Assess the properties of the materials to be blended, such as particle size, density, and flowability. This will help you determine the most suitable mixer type.
  • Mixing Time and Efficiency: Evaluate the mixer’s ability to achieve the desired blend uniformity within a reasonable time frame.
  • Scalability: Consider the production scale and whether the mixer can accommodate changes in batch sizes without affecting the blending quality.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Select a mixer with easy-to-clean design features to minimize cross-contamination and ensure consistent product quality.

SED Pharma’s Mixer and Blender Equipment:

SED Pharma offers an extensive range of high-quality mixer and blender equipment specifically designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Some of our top models include:

The Automatic Lifting Blender Powder Mixer Machine Industrial SED-TH Series

The TD Series is an innovative and versatile lifting-type blending solution designed for the pharmaceutical industry. This state-of-the-art raw material mixer machine combines the efficient blending of powders and granules with an automatic lifting system, streamlining the production process while ensuring optimal blend uniformity. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it an invaluable asset for pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to enhance the efficiency and quality of their production. With the SED-TH Series, you can expect reduced material handling time, minimized cross-contamination, and consistent blending results for various applications.

The High-Speed Industrial Mixer Machine SED-GH Series

The GH series is an advanced blending solution specifically tailored for pharmaceutical, food, and related industries. Featuring an arc-shaped barrel and a unique blade structure, this high speed mixer machine facilitates vortex-like high-speed stirring, enabling efficient heating and modification of materials. The SED-GH Series mixer comprises an agitator mixer tank, rotating blades, a transmission device, a discharge door, and a cooling and heating system, all working harmoniously to ensure optimal mixing performance. By incorporating the SED-GH Series mixer into your production line, you can achieve superior mixing efficiency, enhanced product quality, and a streamlined manufacturing process across various industry applications.

The Double Cone Commercial Mixing Machine SED-SZH Series

The SED-SZH series is a highly efficient mixer designed for blending dry powder and granule materials with excellent fluidity. With low power consumption, easy operation, and minimal labour requirements, this powder blender machine ensures even mixing and a uniform coefficient of variation of less than or equal to 4%. Built-in compliance with GMP standards, the SED-SZH Series mixer features a stainless steel butterfly valve for easy loading and cleaning. It is ideal for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, and cosmetics, offering a fast mixing speed, impressive mixing effect, and user-friendly operation.

By offering a diverse range of mixer and blender equipment, SED Pharma is committed to providing the pharmaceutical industry with cutting-edge solutions that cater to its unique needs. Our mixers are designed with user-friendly features, easy-to-clean components, and robust construction, ensuring consistent product quality and reliable performance.

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