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Touch Screen Control Capsule Filler Machine SED-BJ-III

SED-BJ-III-H semi automatic pill capsule filler machine is quite suitable for capsule sizes of 000#-4#. With a programmable control system, stepless transduction speed-shift, and electronic automatic counter, the operation of this machine becomes convenient and efficient.

Product Description

Introduction of Empty Capsule Filling Machine

SED-BJ-III semi auto empty capsule filler is pharmaceutical manufacturing machine for hard capsules. The equipment adopts a programmable control system to ensure stable works. The stepless speed regulation mechanism is used to control the speed of production, which is more accurate.

Features of Empty Capsule Filling Machine

  • Easily change moulds
  • Precise hole insertion of empty capsules
  • Capsule caps are easily and quickly separated
  • Accurate dosage filling
  • Finished with tight sealed capsules
  • Made of Stainless steel material
  • In line with medical grade requirements


Applications of Empty Capsule Filling Machine

This special capsule filling machine typically used by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing. It is suitable for small-scale, independent operations to large, multinational pharmaceutical companies, Research and development (R&D) organizations and other related organizations.

Technical Data
Capsule Size000#-5#000#-4#
Capacity (capsules/hr)10,000-22,5001,000-25,000
Power Supply220V/380V 1P/3P 4.0kW2.12kW
Vacuum Pump40m³/hr/
Capacity of Air Compressor0.03m³/min  0.7Mpa0.03m³/min  0.7Mpa
Overall Dimension


Weight (kg)420450

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