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Ribbon Blender Industrial Powder Mixer SED-DH Series

A ribbon blender for powder mixing consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough, transmission parts and ribbon agitating blades which usually have double or triple layers. The outer spiral of this powder mixing mechanism makes the material move from the sides to the center of the tank and the inner screw conveyor the material from the center to the sides to get the convective mixing.


Product Description

Description of Ribbon Blender Machine

Generally, a ribbon blender is used to mix a viscous or cohesive mixture of particulates and the addition of liquid and paste-like material in powder or granule. Since viscous materials are generally difficult to clean, the industrial spiral ribbon mixer is suitable for mass production.

The raw material can be spread on the conveyer belt through a suitable auxiliary mechanism such as a distributor, vibrating belt, pulverizer, or granulator. The conveyor passes one channel or several channels consisting of a heating unit.

Each heating unit of the powder mixing machine is equipped with an air heating and circulation system. Each channel has one or several damp exhaust systems. When the conveyor passes it, hot air passes through raw material from up to low or from low to up. In this way, it makes raw material dry uniformity.

Features of Ribbon Blender Mixer

  • Ribbon blender agitator is made of a solid stainless frame body, extra strong for rugged use.
  • Ribbon blender uses a pneumatic auto discharger.
  • Ribbon blender design with fast open folio lid.
  • Ribbon blender parts of curved bottom flip board valve, no dead angles.


Applications of Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blenders are used for milk powder, dry powder foods, medicine, chicken powder, cosmetic pigment and so on.

Application of Industry Powder Mixer Machine

Technical Data
ModelTotal Volume


Load EfficiencyPower


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