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SED-WGF Series Horizontal Type Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer

SED-WGF Series Horizontal Type Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer adopts a new type of quick-open structure for the upper bed and bottom bed. The upper bed can be moved easily which allows for convenient cleaning and washing.

Product Description

Feature of Horizontal Type Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer

The raw material is fed into the dryer from the feeding inlet and the material will continuously move along with the fluidized bed level under the action of vibration. The hot air passes through a fluidized bed and carries out heat exchange with damp raw materials. The wet air is exhausted by the cyclone separator and the dried material will be discharged from the discharge outlet.

A typical continuous fluidized bed dryer consists of the following components:

  • Air preparatory unit
  • Product container
  • Exhaust filter
  • Exhaust blower
  • Control panel
  • Air distribution plate
  • Spray nozzle
  • Solution deliver


Applications of Horizontal Type Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer

Addictive Manufacturing, Aerospace & Automotive, Animal Feed & Pet Care, Battery & Microelectronics, Food, Beverage & Nutraceuticals Industrial Materials, Specialty Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Personal & Beauty Care.

Application of Fluid Bed Drying Machine for Sale


Technical Data
ModelFluid Bed(m2)Inlet Air Temperature


Outlet Air Temperature (°C)Evaporate Capacity
Vibration Motor
ModelPower (kW)
SED-1.35WGF1.3570-14040-7035-50    SED-2WGF0.8×2

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